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Lavandemor's Lavender Essential Oil is steam-distilled from the lavender type Lavandula Angustifolia which provides the best quality of lavender oil. Many essential oils being sold in the online market are made of natural isolates and mixtures. Whereas Lavandemor's lavender oil has absolutely no additives, chemicals or fillers. 


Lavandemor's Lavender Essential Oil is tested by independent labs of Bezmialem University. The analysis certificate can be found on the product page. The analysis certificate report shows that the lavender oil is pure & natural and has zero camphor. Lavandemor lavender essential oil is a therapeutic grade oil with sufficient Linanool and Linalyl Acetate for aromatherapy. We grow lavender under completely natural conditions and produce pure lavender oil from the lavender flowers.

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Natural Cosmetic Products You Can Do At Home With Lavender Oil

Benefits of Lavender Oil

How To Use?

  • Drip some drops on your pillow before sleeping
  • Massage your head with a few drops of oil when you feel headaches
  • Drop Lavender Oil into the diffuser, candle, hot water to change the atmosphere of the room
  • Mix with Almond Oil in order to make your own massage oil
  • Apply a couple of drops on your skin in order to keep mosquitoes away
  • After doing Yoga, use Lavender Oil for relaxation session
  • Use Lavender Oil in order to make natiral DIY products such as cream or parfume


Purchased Lavandemor

Canan B.

I absolutely love this lavender oil! It has very good quality, smells wonderful. Lavender is known for its calming effect, it helps with anxiety. I bought it to make a homemade linen spray and it worked perfectly! I highly recommend it!

Rose M.

If you’re looking for high-quality essential oil without the price tag, look no further. I purchased essential oils while visiting Turkey before and I am glad I found the ones that made in Turkey. I purchased lots of different brands before and all of them smelled like chemicals. This lavender smells perfect, very long lasting and just 4-5 drops in the washing machine, boys clothing smells fresh and clean without harsh chemicals. I higly recommend it.

Ozzie G.

It's smells just like all my previous lavender oils. I did the paper test and it left a small amount of stain after 5 hours. It's fine and I have been using it. My biggest negative is it doesn't have a good oil stopper. The liquid comes out without much effort. It actually pours out, so I have wasted quite a few drops already. For the amount I paid for this 'essential' oil, I can't complain.

Lavandemor Lavender Essential Oil

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